10 Best Designer Cat Furniture Brands of 2024 – Reviews & Guide

You may have spent hours putting careful thought into designing the interior of your home, only to have a mass-produced piece of cat furniture stick out like a sore thumb. Chances are that if you’ve put so much thought into your own home, you’ll want the same attention to detail in the cat furniture too. Designer cat furniture can help fill that gap and create the perfect blend of function and superior design for both you and your feline.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 10 top designer cat furniture brands, so you can choose only the most elegant, unique, eye-catching yet functional cat furniture available.


The 10 Best Designer Cat Furniture Brands

1. Labbvenn

Labbvenn was founded in 2016 and is a designer pet furniture company based in Poland that makes a wide variety of designer cat furniture, including beds, hammocks, and baskets. The company also makes designer food bowls and toys, all of which have a uniquely modern aesthetic designed to perfectly fit into modern interiors. All of its products are also made in a way to facilitate easy cleaning and increase comfort for both dogs and cats, while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Labbvenn’s products are designed and manufactured in Poland, with handmade execution and a careful, thoughtful selection of materials that are safe for your pets.

2. Catssup

Catssup is a brand developed by Hong Kong Studio RYTE, an innovative design studio made up of passionate designers and engineers. Its products include unique circular stepping platforms designed for cats to explore vertical spaces and feature unique space-saving designs that negate the use of a cluttering traditional cat tree. The platforms and mobile scratching posts can easily be attached to tables and shelves via a simple clamp, allowing you to customize and alter the placement of entertainment for your feline.

3. Cat Haus

Cat Haus was created from the need for more attractive indoor toys and climbing trees for cats, with an eye for superior functionality, style, unique design, and sustainability. A large portion of the carpeting used for Cat Haus products is sourced from Goodwill and the Salvation Army. For the wooden bases, the company uses scrap wood and pallets or sources wood locally to support the local market. The brand further reduces waste by offering replacement parts for all their products.

All Cat Haus products are made to order and by hand in the U.S.A., offering truly unique designer furniture for your feline.

4. myKotty

myKotty was launched in 2012 by cat lovers Marta and Mariusz, with the aim of creating functional designs that also look unique. It has a wide range of unique designer products that seamlessly combine elegance with functional designs that will mentally and physically stimulate your feline — and look great in your home. These include unique cat scratchers and loungers.

5. Cat Person

Cat Person makes a wide variety of healthy dry and wet foods, treats, and meal plans tailored specifically toward your feline’s unique needs, as well as unique furniture and accessories. The brand’s three-in-one canopy bed comes in a wide variety of colors and can be adjusted as a comfy, private nook for your cat or a standard open bed/basket. The company also offers unique toys and accessories, including bowls and storage containers.

6. The Refined Feline

The Refined Feline is your one-stop-shop for everything designer for your cats. Featuring stylish cat trees, towers, and “condos” that look like art pieces and elegant curving cat shelves and perches, the brand has everything that you could want. The wicker basket scratchers caught our eye, as well as the unique deluxe cat litter box designed to look like a regular cabinet.

7. Meyou Paris

Meyou Paris describes its products as “classy furniture for discerning cats,” with a line of uniquely designed cat furniture and accessories, all made in France. The brand’s products are made from natural materials, including wood, woven cotton, and 100% wool felt, all with a modern aesthetic to fit into modern homes. From wall-mounted scratching posts to circular “cube” beds, Meyou Paris has everything you could want for a designer feline! We particularly love the “cat cocoon,” a playground, scratcher, and bed all rolled into one!

8. MiaCara

The German label MiaCara creates a wide range of cat furniture, toys, and accessories with a unique design aesthetic. The brand’s climbing trees blend seamlessly into your home and resemble a modern art piece more than cat furniture, and the wall-mounted scratch pads provide a scratching surface that your cats will love. There are also a variety of food bowls and beds available. Our favorite piece is the wicker “cat cave,” with a unique teardrop shape hand-braided from high-quality yarn.

9. Tateno

Tateno is a Japanese company that makes adorable miniature wooden furniture for cats. From beautifully crafted miniature beds to sofas made especially for cats, these products are among the most unique furniture for cats around. The products are made from high-quality woods and fabrics and even come with tiny nightstands and working drawers to stash treats inside of!

10. Tuft and Paw

Tuft and Paw was created in 2016 with the aim to make designer cat products from high-quality materials and raise cat product standards by focusing on behavioral research and modern design. The company has a variety of products available, from litter and food to unique accessories. We love the brand’s unique range of cat trees, with truly innovative designs that would not look out of place in an art gallery. The “Milo” jungle gym is one of our personal favorites!


While owning a cat is a joy, the bulky cat furniture doesn’t always fit the aeshethic of your home. By shopping through a designer cat furniture brand, you can get something that is far more sleek that your cat will still love. While you might hear the word “designer” and automatically assume that means “expensive,” that isn’t the case. Sure, some brands will cost a bit more than you hoped, but we also included plenty of other options so that you can have beautiful cat furniture regardless of your budget.

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