16 Furniture Designers Who Make, and Manufacture, in the United States

Trine, like so many of his peers, isn’t only incentivized by his bottom line. “My dad traveled a lot for work,” Trine explains. “He worked for companies that manufactured overseas, and he would be gone for two to four weeks at a time. Now that I have two young daughters, I want to be home as much as possible.”

Below, from Kalon to Amigo Modern and beyond, 16 of our favorite furniture designers of the moment who manufacture in the U.S.—in honor of the Fourth of July.

Amigo Modern

Eric Trine of Amigo Modern specializes in bringing the spirit of American modernism into the 21st century. Like Trine’s former eponymous brand, Amigo Modern hits a current sweet spot by mixing pale pinks with earth tones and natural hues. Trine has a studio in Long Beach, California, and manufactures all of his furniture within a 30-mile radius.

Another Human

Chubby furniture meets a 1980s aesthetic in Leah Ring’s designs. And now, some of her items of furniture are available at Urban Outfitters. Another Human manufactures all their products in L.A.

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Chairs by Emeco.

Photo: Emeco


You may not have heard of Emeco, but you’ve definitely seen the company’s iconic and oft-copied Navy Chair. While Emeco keeps creating contemporary, often hand-crafted designs, all of their seats have one important thing in common: Emeco uses sustainable materials—think recycled aluminum, natural cork, and “eco-” concrete—to build its products. And what’s more, this Pennsylvania-based company makes all their chairs in the U.S.

Eny Lee Parker

The potter’s wheel is generally associated with, well, pots. But Eny Lee Parker regularly uses the age-old device to throw beautiful components of furniture. In Parker’s coffee tables, for example, glass surfaces sit atop terracotta vases so that their forms can truly shine through. Parker works with local fabricators, and has a studio in Brooklyn.

Fernando Mastrangelo

From this company’s lead fabricator to its in-house sculptor, Fernando Mastrangelo makes it clear who exactly creates their products. And that’s not even counting the experienced employees who handle the metal, wood, casting, and finishing that goes into each and every piece. So what exactly does this furniture look like? Think cool geometric designs that recall foggy mountainsides and sparkly geodes.

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A bed-frame by Floyd.

Photo: Courtesy of Floyd.


If you’re interested in design disruptors, Floyd is a name to know. The direct-to-consumer company has been celebrated for its bed-frame, which is likely to appeal to the same millennial-customer who already owns a Casper mattress and a set of Parachute sheets. But this isn’t to say that Floyd’s business model is limited to a singular item. The company, which operates out of Detroit, Michigan, also sells sleek tables and table legs.


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