18 Best Luxury Furniture Brands Worth Investing In for 2024

18 Best Luxury Furniture Brands Worth Investing In for 2024

<p>When you first decide to invest in luxury furniture, Smith recommends beginning with an accent chair, like <a href=” target=”_blank”>bouclé seating</a>. “An accent chair is a versatile gem that tends to effortlessly blend into various floor plans while offering the flexibility to adapt to evolving decor styles,” she says. Another investment Smith suggests is a smart console or dresser, “which not only adds a touch of character to your space but also serves a practical function.”</p><p>Don’t rely on the price to tell you whether a piece or brand is luxurious. Instead, read the fine print. <strong>“Craftsmanship is key. How a piece is built, from the choice of materials to the method of fastening, is so important,”</strong> Smith says. “I truly appreciate the unique features of the wood, the authentic touch of real metal, the premium grade of leather, and other elements that contribute to its overall quality.”</p><p>Since the world of home design can be difficult to navigate, we’ve assembled a list of the best 18 favorite luxury furniture brands ahead. These companies range from true investments to budget-friendly options, all for creating interiors that last.<br/></p>”/>

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