23 Best Online Furniture Stores For 2023

With each season comes a new obsession, and bookmarking the best online furniture stores for interiors inspo seems to be my hyper-fixation of choice this summer.

Reader, I’m anticipating a serious interiors overhaul. A crisp new bedding set with a thread count higher than my monthly rent? Ogle’s the Harrods bedding department. A set of art deco dining chairs to eek out a bit of masculine charm in my maximalist (and heavily oestrogen-swathed) apartment? Googles where The Ned source their furniture. And, while my partner might be aggrieved with each parcel that appears at the entrance to our modest one-bedroom flat (read: I’ve seen garden sheds bigger), finding a new piece to freshen up an outdated corner in my home is one of my favourite guilty pleasures.

Whether you’ve been monitoring the latest TikTok homeware trends (if you don’t know @louiburke, get to know) or you’re an avid viewer of Architectural Digest’s Open Door, there are oodles of online furniture shops to scratch your interiors itch. As we step closer to summer, I’m on the lookout for lighter pieces which will create the illusion of space, even if you don’t have it. From shelving units (which draw the eye upwards) to raised bed frames (which maintain the uninterrupted flow of your walkway), furniture retailers like Soho Home and John Lewis have products aplenty to fit my lofty criteria.

Of course, you might have landed here in search of an entirely different beast – perhaps the perfect table lamp for a cozy reading corner, or rather some tableware for a Matilda Djerf-inspired dinner party? Whatever your homeware woe, these furniture brands boast the holy trinity of online shopping desirables: quality materials, a variety of wish list-worthy styles – from vintage furniture through to modern designs – and price points to suit every income. Move over IKEA, this is the GLAMOUR edit.

Which online site is best for furniture?

This totally depends on your vibe, budget and the piece of furniture you’re after, so I’ve outlined what each furniture brand is best for down below. La Redoute is my favourite furniture store overall, delivering on both style and quality, while Dusk is best for the coastal grandmother aesthetic. The White Company will transform your home into a luxury hotel (stocking the best duvets, best bed sheets and best duvet covers around), while H&M Home is great for storage solutions.

What is the most high end furniture store?

Soho Home reigns supreme as the most high-end furniture store in this edit. Stocking design-led pieces inspired by the furnishings inside their iconic properties (think: Soho Farmhouse, Babington or Shoreditch House), everything from their floor lamps to their chaises are dripping in opulence. The best online furniture store if you have a little more to spend, for sure.

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With one of the largest, most varied offerings on the high street, this online furniture store has stylish products to suit all budgets. We’re particular fans of the John Lewis ANYDAY range which serves up trend-led and genuinely stylish pieces for far less than you’d expect.


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