75 Years Strong: How Saccaro, a Brazilian Furniture Company, Became Luxury Developers’ Best Kept Secret

Saccaro, a prominent Brazilian furniture designer and manufacturer, boasts a rich history in furniture manufacturing that spans seven and a half decades. Founded in 1948 by Albino Saccaro, the youngest son of Italian immigrants living in a countryside village, the company began as a two-man shop where Albino and his brother crafted wicker baskets and small furniture pieces. As the years passed, Saccaro evolved and expanded its horizons, becoming an influential player in the global furniture market.

“Thirty years ago, the company began collaborating with designers and architects to create unique pieces, many of which received awards,” says Luiz Silva, CEO of Saccaro USA. “Today, it’s the largest network of high-end furniture stores in Brazil and is present in several Central and South American countries.”

Saccaro stands out for its timeless Brazilian design, craftsmanship, innovation, and eco-conscious practices. The company consistently invests in Italian machinery to update its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which produces both indoor and outdoor furniture. Their designs blend modern aesthetics with Brazilian heritage, resulting in unique and sustainable pieces that are visually stunning and functional.

Saccaro’s Expansion in the United States

For the past 17 years, Luiz and Katia Silva have been the exclusive distributors for Saccaro in the United States. Recently, they spoke with The Real Deal about their hands-on approach and why Saccaro furniture is often considered “the best-kept secret.”

Saccaro USA has established an impressive presence with its 11,000-square-foot showroom in the Miami Design District and a local distribution center in Doral, Florida. Recently, the company opened a 15,000-square-foot showroom in Fort Lauderdale to meet the demand of designers and developers. They are also expanding further north to serve West Florida, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach, with plans for nationwide growth.

The showrooms serve as hubs for showcasing Saccaro’s exquisite furniture collections, while the distribution center conveniently ships its products to customers throughout the country and abroad.

Katia notes that Americans are encountering Saccaro for the first time and says, “They truly appreciate the style, uniqueness, and quality. We are confident that we have a place in the American market.”

Saccaro takes pride in producing furniture built to last. Katia explains, “Fast furniture is harmful to the environment as it generates more waste.” In contrast, Saccaro furniture is durable, and people tend to keep it for years. Katia adds, “I have clients who purchased furniture from us 10 years ago, and they still love it; they simply want to update the fabric.”

Sharing the “Saccaro Lifestyle” with American Designers

As Luiz and Katia began distributing Saccaro furniture in the United States, they needed a way to introduce people to the unique design aesthetic and the wide selection of available materials. “Our intention was to collaborate with designers and developers, and they need to grasp the essence of the Saccaro lifestyle,” says Luiz. “We possess characteristics that set us apart from other companies. It’s not just about having a comprehensive product line; it’s about offering designers a multitude of finish options.”

Saccaro USA empowers designers to mix and match finishes and fabrics, providing an unparalleled range of choices. This level of customization helps designers bring their creative visions to life, allowing them to craft unique spaces tailored to their clients’ needs. With Saccaro’s extensive options, interior designers can create stunning environments that reflect their design sensibilities and deliver unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Charles Treister, President of Treister Design & Development, Inc., specializes in residential architecture and high-end luxury homes. He has used Saccaro furniture in his homes for several years and now works almost exclusively with them. 

He speaks highly of Saccaro’s flagship showroom in the Miami Design District, which he describes as a “one-stop shop.” “As a designer, when you visit the showroom, you get to see the actual samples and various material options,” explains Treister. “When selecting individual pieces of furniture, it’s crucial to examine the physical samples; you can’t solely rely on pictures.”

Treister refers to his style as “tropical modern,” characterized by the integration of gardens, open spaces, and abundant natural light. He remarks, “I appreciate Saccaro furniture because of its clean and simple lines, along with warm materials. It exhibits a level of detail and texture that you don’t often find in other contemporary-modern furniture.”

Treister’s architectural designs seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces, and he values that Saccaro furniture does the same. “They offer not only interior furniture for living spaces—such as sofas, chairs, tables, and bedrooms—but also a fantastic range of outdoor furniture that I use in pool areas, patios, gardens, and outdoor terraces.”

Turnkey Service by Saccaro Concept Homes

Saccaro USA collaborates with developers, designers, and architects, offering Saccaro Concept Homes to showcase their furniture collections and demonstrate their versatility, craftsmanship, and design aesthetics. This turnkey solution embodies Saccaro’s design philosophy, helping customers envision how Saccaro furniture can transform their space.

“When we develop a concept, the furniture and the details turn the space into a home,” says Katia. “We bring it to life.” She believes this thoughtful customization makes a difference to potential buyers. “People feel at home, and they want to buy everything.”

Katia has an eye for detail and loves adding the final touches to Saccaro Concept Homes herself. Once completed, the homes sell fast. Just as she was finishing up one project, a realtor came in with a buyer. She recalls, “The buyer looked at it and said, ‘Wow, I want it.’ I thought, ‘Well, everybody says that.’ Then the realtor returned a couple of hours later and said, ‘He bought the unit.’”

Saccaro Concept Homes offers real estate developers several benefits: a unique selling point, improved visual appeal, brand association, a turnkey solution, marketing opportunities, and collaboration potential. This helps them attract buyers, stand out in the market, and drive sales and success.

Eddie Irvine, a former F1 racer and a successful property investor, builds multimillion-dollar waterfront homes in Miami, and Saccaro has been his furniture partner for over 10 years. “At the beginning, we both had this enthusiasm to create fantastic things in Miami Beach, which has been an amazing market,” he says. “I’ve been very successful with this partnership. Now, people buy my houses, and I return four years later, and they haven’t changed anything. That’s very rewarding.”

Saccaro USA also caters to hospitality and commercial projects, including boutique hotels, lobbies, common areas, presidential suites, and pool areas.

A Reputation for Excellence

Saccaro USA has processed thousands and thousands of orders through their Miami showrooms. They are renowned for their punctual deliveries, and they are committed to maintaining this reputation. The factory in Brazil provides an exact date for when each piece will be ready, and Luiz states, “On that date, your furniture will be prepared for shipment from the Saccaro USA section of the factory.”

This level of dependability and attention to detail is highly valued by both clients and designers. Katia mentions, “Designers appreciate it because they can trust that we will deliver their furniture on time and in its entirety.”

The company also maintains a substantial inventory, enabling them to offer swift turnarounds. Luiz states, “If you require furniture for delivery next month or within a few weeks, we have the capabilities to accommodate your needs.”

As a frequent collaborator, Charles Treister appreciates the company’s organizational efficiency and professionalism. He notes, “When you place orders, they consistently arrive on time. The personnel responsible for delivery and installation are exceptionally professional. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them.”

Saccaro invites you to get in touch with them at [email protected] for general inquiries. For more information, please visit www.saccaro-usa.com.


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