Christian Siriano’s New Furniture Line, Pratesi’s New AI-Driven Campaign, and More

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Christian Siriano Releases A Furniture Line Inspired by Mid-Century Fashion

The go-to place in your home for Christian Siriano is no longer just your wardrobe. This month, the designer gave fans an excuse to revamp their homes with the introduction of a new 32-piece furniture collection. According to the designer, the playful and whimsical pieces were inspired by mid-century fashion silhouettes.

a wooden bowl with a wooden base


Christian Siriano has exemplified his mastery of contemporary design since the introduction of his home brand Siriano Interiors in 2021. This bench is yet another example.

“We are so excited to launch our second furniture collection that was inspired by clothing silhouettes that I love in fashion between 1940-1960, but in a more modern way for furniture design,” Siriano says.

Christian Siriano Lula Chair

Lula Chair

“Luxe fabrication like silk stripe taffetas, boucle, and velvets all have a play here,” he adds. “I wanted the pieces to feel powerful and have a presence, just like my clothes, while also being playful and not too serious. This is for people who want a stylish home inside and outside of the closet.”

One could see the reference in the green boucle chair and ottoman, which is reminiscent of women’s dress in the 1940s (boxy shoulders, slim waist). And, this curvaceous wooden wardrobe that resembles Old Hollywood mermaid dresses that populated the red carpet.

Decide for yourself and shop the collection, which is sold exclusively on 1stDibs.

Pratesi Unveils New AI-Driven Spring Campaign

Some among us are scared of the future, while others embrace it. The Italian linen brand Pratesi is choosing to do the latter; the new Spring 2024 campaign “Casa Pratesi” is Driven by artificial intelligence—but technology naysayers needn’t fret.

pratesi hajar ali

Hajar Ali / Pratesi

Pratesi tasked AI artist Hajar Ali to create a villa that took notes from the heritage linen brand. According to AI, that means rustic walls, murals, and high ceilings.

The heritage brand partnered with artist and entrepreneur Hajar Ali who ultimately created an Italian villa that incorporated Pratesi’s design language. To their credit, the end result villa is gorgeous. Crisp Pratesi linens outfit beds that hang from rustic palatial ceilings; bathtubs that sit in sun-soaked rooms; and lounge chairs that rest poolside. The villa in the campaign is undoubtedly seductive, despite it only existing in the cloud.

To shop for linens, visit

Highlights from Design Miami L.A.

Design Miami.LA’s inaugural edition turned out to be quite successfulincluding from the star power standpoint. The five-day show within a private Holmby Hills Estate brought together an illustrious crowd including supermodel Jasmine Tooks, rapper A$AP Nast, designer Samuel Ross, artist Mickalene Thomas, and producer Ryan Murphy, as well as a few Gettys.

a large room with a chandelier and chairs

Courtesy of Design Miami
Design Miami.LA is the West Coast extension of Design Miami. The event was held at a Holmby Hills estate which was originally designed by legendary 20th-century architect Paul Williams in the 1930s.

There were some highlight sales, too. The Future Perfect reported a highly successful week, thanks to a notable collector who had a knack for JB Blunk’s work. The Southern Guild sold a large-scale wishbone sculpture, Helena, by Adam Birch. Todd Merrill Studio sold a 12-foot demi-lune chromium yellow sofa.

Three Questions With… Tata Harper

Tata Harper, the queen of green skincare, made a foray into the design world this past NYCxDesign. She partnered with Alkemis Paint on an eco-friendly color palette that was based on a shade of paint that she developed with the brand for her home. Below, Harper gives us a glimpse into that process and explains the power of color.

T&C: The paint was originally developed for your home. What room did you use it in, and why?

Harper: For the great room, we chose a unified shade of dusty rose for the walls and ceiling to create a gentler, more feminine feel (She Better Work). This color helps redirect attention from the fireplace to the grand 20-foot bay window, which we accented with a darker teal. The teal complements the room’s softness and highlights the beautiful window.

The breakfast room, probably the most used room in the house, was intended to feel bright and happy. We used a soft shade of green for the walls to complement the stone floor, and we accentuated the ceiling beams with a darker forest green shade. These shades of green give the room an energizing and serene feeling, perfect for everyday family meals.

tata harper alkemis paint

Courtesy of Tata Harper x Alkemis Paint

The paint colors featured in this collection were originally designed for Tata Harper’s home. Here, the breakfast nook is painted in a soft green, a color that is also prevalent in her beauty line.

T&C: Why is green your thing?

Harper: Green represents nature, and as the ultimate nature brand, our products are crafted on a “neon” green farm during the summer in Vermont. The color green was our inspiration to infuse the essence of the farm into our products, evoking green grass and yellow dandelions, which form the Tata Harper skincare color scheme. Incorporating green into my home was a natural extension of these values. Green is a soothing, calming color that promotes well-being and tranquility. It’s known to reduce stress and create a relaxing atmosphere, which is exactly what I wanted for my living space.

T&C: What about Alkemis paint made you want to partner with them? What ethos do you share?

Harper: Collaborating with Price Latimer and Maya Crowne (Alkemis Paint co-founders) was an intuitive choice for me. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation resonates deeply with my ethos at Tata Harper Skincare. Alkemis Paint appealed to me primarily because of its deep commitment to sustainability and innovative approach to creating eco-friendly products.

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