When Is the Best Time to Buy Furniture? Experts Share Their Tips

No matter your budget, buying new furniture is a significant investment, so you want to ensure you get the most for your money. Having a shopping plan—rather than buying on impulse—is essential for maximizing your returns. “The timing for the best furniture savings can depend on the type of furniture,” says Kerrie Kelly, CEO and creative director of Kerrie Kelly Studio. “It’s essential to tailor your purchasing strategy based on the specific needs of the space you’re furnishing and the type of furniture you’re seeking.”

Working with an interior designer can often help you tap into special deals and opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. “Designers have access to trade markets and shows, such as High Point, where you can find great value deals on antiques, vintage, and one-of-a-kind finds,” says Lily Brown of Lily Brown Interiors. Helping you find these unique pieces that you won’t see in anyone else’s home is a compelling reason to enlist a designer’s services to create your own personal design aesthetic.

Whether you’re going it alone or working with a professional, here’s what else you should know about when to shop for furniture for the best prices.

a white couch in a room

silvia foz
Fashion veteran Carly Cushnie furnished this airy New York apartment with finds from Lulu and Georgia and CB2, as with this bench.

What’s the Best Time to Buy Furniture?

There are many occasions throughout the year when it’s smart to shop for furniture deals, such as:

Holiday Sales

Holidays such as Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are big sales pushes by furniture retailers. The biggest event typically is, not surprisingly, Black Friday. “Post-Thanksgiving is an amazing time to shop,” says Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design. “The competition is high for retailers, so they pull out all the stops to ensure they have deals to make their sales marks.” Savings can measure up to 50 percent.

Amazon Prime and Way Day

“You can typically save between 10 to 30 percent or more during these events,” says Kelly of marquee shopping events like Amazon Prime Day and Wayfair’s Way Day. Brick-and-mortar furniture stores want to compete with these online retailers, so they often host sales during these times too.

Friends and Family Promotions

“Many stores offer memberships or VIP events that allow the consumer to purchase merchandise at a discount, often around 20 percent off,” says Paula Daher, principal with Daher Interior Design. Sign up for emails from your fave companies and keep an eye on your inbox for when these special promos land.

Tax-Free Weeks

Some states, such as Massachusetts and New Mexico, offer a sales tax holiday for a few days to a week sometime during the year. “This is a great time for our interior design clients to save on sales tax on large furniture purchases,” says Daher.

outside the living room, with its glass doors and white concrete frame, is a long rectangular infinity pool, a firepit and four wood chairs with cushions next to a row of shrubs and the los angeles cityscape beyond

William Jess Laird
End-of-season sales are a good time to snap up outdoor furniture. Here, in a Los Angeles home with interiors by Studio Mellone, the chairs are by Rose Tarlow for Sutherland, and the firepit is by RH, Restoration Hardware.

Clearance and End-of-Season Sales

Whenever retailers must make room for the next season’s collection, it’s a good time to shop. While indoor furniture tends to see significant discounts during events such as Black Friday, outdoor furniture may be more favorably priced during seasonal clearance sales in late summer and fall when demand is not as high for this type of furniture, says Kelly.

Pro tip: Snag outdoor furniture during late summer and fall.

Office furniture prices often dip during seasonal sales too, especially around major holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, and the end of the year. Additionally, keeping an eye on clearance sales at the end of a fiscal quarter or year could yield excellent deals on office furnishings, says Kelly.

Furniture Buying Tips

If you need furniture now and don’t have time to wait for a sale, consider these expert tips for getting the best possible pricing:

  • Choose pieces that will last. “Finding pieces you can reupholster or refinish as needed keeps you from having to replace furniture every few years,” says Brown. “This not only helps you save money, but also saves the environment from unnecessary waste.”
  • Negotiate. It’s worth asking for a discount in a polite way, especially on a floor model that’s in good condition. “Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially in brick-and-mortar stores,” says Kelly. “Many retailers are open to discussion.”
a living room with a red couch and a table

Nicole Franzen
Orior creative director Ciaran McGuigan furnished his Brooklyn loft with a mix of design classics and items from his own brand.
  • Ask about future sales. It may sometimes be better to buy during nonholiday events, so ask about getting an upcoming promotion applied now, says Josh Hudson, owner of Hudson’s Furniture.
  • Check out resellers. Sites such as Chairish and 1stDibs offer the consumer access to loads of antique and unique pieces, says Brown. Plus, you may be able to negotiate directly with the seller on these sites.
  • Consider shopping both online and in-person. “While shopping online offers convenience and vast selection, in-person visits allow you to assess the quality and comfort firsthand, providing a more tactile understanding of the pieces you’re considering,” says Kelly. By thoughtfully evaluating your options, you will be able to choose lasting pieces that fit your lifestyle, making them a wise investment in the long run.
  • Trust your instincts. If you really, really love something, and you know it’s the right piece for your home, it may be worth purchasing now. “Availability is never guaranteed,” says Williams. “While I’d love to always wait for items to go on sale, if it is something special I can’t see myself without, and I’m able to, I purchase it then. I have had too many experiences with out-of-stock items to count.”
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