so koizumi debuts at alcova milano with fossil-like wooden furniture

so koizumi presenting his latest collections at alcova milano


Established in Tokyo in 2021, SO KOIZUMI DESIGN has been involved in various fields, including spatial and product design, consistently presenting works born from Koizumi’s unique thinking and experimental approach. On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, the Japanese designer will present two of his works at Alcova Milano. The first, Fossilized Future, takes shape as a new and raw wooden furniture collection, while SEVEN reveals a sculptural wind chime built using tensegrity principles. The designs will be displayed at the historic underground space of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. 

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all images courtesy So Koizumi



Fossilized Future | a wooden furniture collection 


So Koizumi (see more here) presents Fossilized Future as a collection of furniture born from speculating the fossilized form of contemporary resources, therefore questioning how current society will be perceived years from now, and how the impact of current human creations will evolve. With that in mind, the designer opted for materials manufactured in our contemporary daily life, such as wood from forests felled due to oak wilt disease and soil-like materials found in the surrounding area. 

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Fossilized Future collection



These materials include minerals and charcoal, as well as rice husks, leftover coffee grounds, and vegetable peels, serving as traces of everyday life. By developing and experimenting with these materials, Koizumi eventually created what could be considered a ‘contemporary soil’. The hybrid mix is sculpted into large blocks, cut by a chainsaw. ‘This process resembles excavating fossils buried in the soil, and the discoveries of the exposed cross-sections are preserved as they are,’ comments the designer. 

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using wood from forests felled due to oak wilt disease and soil-like materials found in surrounding area



seven | a wind chime brass structure


The second project, SEVEN, reveals a wind chime structure guided by tensegrity principles. Themed around the interplay of stability and instability, the object embodies the current societal state. While appearing to float with stability, external forces such as wind induce swaying to maintain equilibrium. By converting this swaying into sound, it fills the space with harmonious tones, providing solace and vibrancy to daily life. So Koizumi crafted SEVEN entirely out of brass, relying on the exquisite balance of its components. Check out Alcova Milano for the latest updates and news about exhibitions. 

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the furniture are sculpted as large blocks cut with a chainsaw



Achieving this balance required precise technical skill, which is why Koizumi borrowed the services of metalworkers in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Takaoka’s manufacturing is characterized by division of labor. The production was led by the Sanomasa factory, and specialists in various fields, such as casting, bending, and welding, contributed to culminating its realization. The title SEVEN stems from two sources: firstly, its utilization of the tensegrity structure forms a shape resembling the numeral 7 when viewed from the side. Secondly, its production involved a total of seven factories and their artisans under Takaoka’s division of labor system.

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So Koizumi is debuting his works at Alcova Milano 2024


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